Filters have landed

Happy September!

We’re writing with a few Gifyyy tech updates:

  • a new release
  • a follow-up on the SMS delivery issue we experienced a few weeks back
  • and a note on Trigger Upload.

New Feature Alert 🎉

First off, we have a new release landing on the App Store shortly. This release introduces camera filters. Configure a filter at the beginning of shooting, using the Camera Settings pane

Illustration showing different image filters overlaid onto a single image

The filters are

Noir — a classic Black & White look

FaceBrush — smooths out wrinkles and hides blemishes

FaceBrush+ — smooths out wrinkles, hides blemishes, shaves off ten years, we've heard it can even cure a hangover

Bang! — a bit of FaceBrush, a bit of contrast, a bit of saturation, Bang! is the high-key party-forward look for maximum fun

and of course

#NoFilter — fresh pixels straight out of the iPad camera, raw, unfiltered, organic.


This release fixes an issue which could cause the app to crash if an active event were selected while your iPad went through an iPadOS update. Bugs related to OS updates are incredibly hard for us to test for as there are so many different permutations of app versions and iOS versions we need to cover. We really appreciate the time some of you have taken to help us pin down exactly what circumstances led to this one.

With that said, we strongly recommend switching off automatic updates on your Gifyyy iPad. Avoid the potential panic of hitting an issue at an event by running updates manually about once a month, when you know you have time to troubleshoot if something weird comes up. You wouldn’t update the firmware on a camera the morning before an important shoot; don’t let Apple do the same thing to your photobooth!

A follow-up about carrier-filtering and SMS delivery

After we went through that carrier filtering episode a few weeks ago, naturally we reached out to our SMS delivery provider and asked if there’s anything we can do to prevent this happening again. They hooked us up with the toll-free provider who handles Gifyyy’s outbound number in the USA, who took us through a vendor verification process. Great news: we passed!

We have been assured this verification means we are much much less likely to see carrier filtering in future. If it does happen (automated systems and all that), we have a swifter recourse to get it corrected. This is extremely good news, and a huge relief to us here at Gifyyy!

Using Gifyyy without an internet connection

We’ve had a handful of support requests over the last few weeks from folks who've used Gifyyy offline for the first time and weren’t sure how to get their images uploaded.

No need to panic in this situation, Gifyyy has a function for this called trigger upload. If you're new to Gifyyy and you want to learn more, check out our recent blog post, Using Gifyyy offline - Gifyyy Blog

Wishing you all the best for the Fall, and as ever, drop us a line if you need anything.