Three Little Web Platform Updates

We're rolling out a few little web platform updates tonight:

  1. Gallery Locking
  2. A more aggressive email capture option
  3. Clearer layout for payments on the billing page

Gallery Locking

Some of you have mentioned that it would be useful to be able to lock galleries in some scenarios, for example if you are waiting for payments. Now you can! Locked galleries are totally locked down — visitors won't be able to see any of the GIFs, either directly, or via the gallery page. If you visit the manage page for an event, you'll see a button to toggle locking. If you wanna see it in action, fire up a test event and give it a go!

Email Capture

We've heard from a few of you that it would be useful to require an email before showing visitors their GIF. You can now set Gifyyy to do this: navigate to the manage page for an event, and select "Require For One Up" as the capture emails option. This will ask a first-time gallery visitor for an email before they are able to see the GIF they have sent themselves. Different email capture settings will work best with different crowds, so play around and see what works for you.

Billing Layout

We had some feedback that the subtotals on the billing page were confusing, so instead of calculating subtotals, we now show an itemized bill, with the cost for each event. We still show a total at the bottom.

We have also updated the layout for previous transactions, to show an itemized breakdown.