Learn your way around the Gifyyy GoPack

The GoPack is a powerful dual-output battery pack that can power Gifyyy's ring-light and trickle-charge your iPad while the unit is in operation. It is rated to power Gifyyy for between three and eight hours, depending on how bright you have the light set.

The GoPack is supplied with a simple magnetic attachment that can be used to mount it to the back of the Gifyyy unit.

Charging the GoPack is a little different than other battery packs you may have worked with in the past: the battery must be switched on during charging.

During the charge cycle the light on the charger will show red. Once the battery has reached full charge, the light on the charger will turn green.

Be careful: if the pack is switched off, the charger will also show green, but this just means it cannot read the voltage from the battery, so isn't running the charge cycle.

The indicator lights on the battery itself are a useful guide to charge level if haven't used your kit for a while, and you can't remember whether you charged the pack after your last event. It's not a terribly accurate indicator of battery level when the charger is plugged in though. When charging, it is best to rely on the light on the charger itself to determine whether the charge cycle has finished.